SAP GUI Navigation Video

As part of standard SAP Training in any module, you will first have to learn SAP GUI Navigation. This brief 20 minute video gives you an understanding of the basic elements of SAP GUI and how to navigate the basics. For more information, you can visit the following pages. You will also need SAP Access to practice on the SAP GUI.


How to Download the SAP GUI using Download Manager

The installable SAP GUI Package is a very big file ( ranges from 450 MB to 650 MB depending on the version ) and sometimes it is difficult to download the file if the connection is unstable. In case the download does not happen properly, this would result in a corrupt file and hence can result in an un-executable file.

In order to prevent this, we suggest that you use a download manager. We suggest a free Open Source Download manager that you can get here. You can use any download manager of your liking. We are listing out the steps required here with reference to Free Download Manager that you can download from our website. The installation and configuration steps would be much different from other softwares.

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  1. Download the software here and execute it.
  2. Click on the big blue “+” button to the top left corner and a pop-up window opens up.
  3. Paste the URL in the red box highlighted to the left and click on OK.


If you follow all the steps above, you will be shown a little pop-up window that displays the progress of the download as shown below.

After the download is complete, click on “Open Folder” , find out the file that you have downloaded ( ) and execute the file. You can find instructions on how to install and configure SAP GUI here.

SAP GUI Installation Sofware and Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 200+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows xp/2003 Server
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 233+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows Vista/2008 Server/ Windows 7
Minimal Recommended
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Processor 800+ Mhz 1+ Ghz


Know the official,  SAP Note 26417 – SAP GUI Resources Hardware & Software Requirements here.


Hard Disk Requirements :

110 MB (minimum packet SAP GUI + SAP Logon) up to 510 MB (70 MB – 470 MB, if operating system files (MFC, IE, Office) do not have to be updated). The amount of disk space required will increase if additional components like Adobe Lifecycle Designer have to be installed as well, but the size of  SAP GUI itself does not differ much when releases 6.20 and 7.10 are compared.

SAP GUI Navigation – SAP SD Training Exercises – Feb 2011 Batch

Answer the following questions created as part of the SAP SD Training exercise. You should have attended the class prior to answering these questions. If you have not attended a specific SAP Training class, please talk to your instructor. For more information on other SAP Training modules,  please visit our Magna Training home page.

SAP GUI Navigation

  1. How do you find out the client you have logged on to ?
  2. How to open a new log on session ?
  3. How many simultaneous SAP Log on sessions are allowed ?
  4. How to bookmark a transaction as a Favorite ?
  5. How to find out the current transaction code ?
  6. What is a Transaction code ?
  7. What is the use of a Status Bar ?
  8. How to get ‘help’ on a field on the SAP GUI ?
  9. Can you log in without specifying the client number ?
  10. How do you know the transaction code that you are currently running ?
  11. Which of the following are dynamic ?
    1. System Toolbar
    2. Application Toolbar
    3. Menu
  12. Do you need to specify the language when logging in ?
  13. Can you log in without entering the client number ?

What is SAP Access ?

What is SAP Access?

SAP is an ERP software which follows the client server architecture (hence called R/3 ). Typically in any of the sap training programs, you will need to access the sap server via either the SAP GUI or the SAP Web GUI.

Why do you require SAP Access ?

This is to ensure that you get to practice on everything that the tutor has taught you during the class. The sap tutor will show you the configuration, customization etc…..Learn more about this article on what is sap access and how to get sap access for SAP Training here.