SAP Job Market

SAP job market is currently in a state of flux just like any other IT job. Where there used to be 10 jobs there are 4 or may be 5. Post-recession, the reasons are obvious – Lack of budgets, postponing new implementations, general market slump etc.

However, all is not lost yet. There are still jobs. And more are going to come up as the economy slowly takes roots again and boomtown comes along.

SAP SD Training

Where are the jobs

It is wiser to go to greener lands than search for jobs in a desert. Knowing the market well can make all the difference. So, where are the jobs now? In no particular order, the following modules of SAP are still in demand based on our training and the jobs our students get. We are also basing the list based on industry news.

1. SAP Security and Basis


3. SAP CRM Techno functional

4. SAP IS Retail (Yes Retail is booming again believe it or not. First to suffer is probably the first to benefit )

5. SAP Adobe Interactive Forms


7. Vistex, Vendavo and other bolt-ons

This list is not complete but is just to remind you to go in the direction where the jobs are.

But I don’t know these!!

That’s always a problem. Upgrade your skills. There is fewer alternatives if you don’t. Try to look for modules that are closer to your domain. For example, an SD consultant can go for upgrading to SAP CRM. To an SD consultant with a good knowledge of Pricing, Customer master, order management and OTC cycle , CRM feels like an extension. Similarly, an MM consultant with good knowledge of the P2P cycle, upgrading to eProcurement or SRM would make much more sense. Invest in training. It will pay you back.

Also, follow the wikis , articles and discussions in SDN and other forums. It is not necessarily the case that might gain any knowledge on the actual module itself, but you will understand trends that need to be latched on to.

The Power of Networking

Networking is everything. I personally know people who have absolutely no skills and have been hanging on to jobs for 10 years or more. They just know the right people in the organization. That is definitely not an excuse for not learning though. Be well connected with your network of hiring managers. You might be surprised how much the recruiters pay to get an account at LinkedIn (hunderds of dollars a month per login).

Important sources of SAP Networking are

1. LinkedIn

2. LinkedIn Groups

3. Other social networking sites.

4. Personal Networking.

Of all the above, personal networking is the most important. Without a personal network of friends, ex-colleagues, project managers, recruiters the odds of a getting a job decrease considerably.

Imagine yourself as a recruiter and looking out for positions. You have a position at hand you want to close and it’s a regular SAP position. You just have hours of time before your competitors pour in their bait. It’s a race against time. Searching immediately for candidates that suit the requirements is a time-consuming job and expensive as well (Searching for resumes cost money). So you pull out your references in the database and start sending emails and making calls.

This is not just a hypothetical scenario. It is how the business of recruiting runs. So if you are not in the grind of the recruiters, the chances of getting a job decrease by quite a bit(unless you have special skills that are not generally and easily available in the market in which case you already understand the content of the article and need no longer read it