RHMOVE30 – How to Transport Org Data Entries in SAP CRM

You might already have observed that Org Data changes ( PPOCA_CRM ) does not produce Transport requests. So, how do we move them across different systems in the landscape ?

SAP Provides a special report for this called RHMOVE30. Goto SE38 and execute the program RHMOVE30 OR use the transaction code RE_RHMOVE30

Precautions to be taken :

  1. You can either choose Org Objects or Positions. So essentially you have to create 2 transports – Org IDs first and Positions next. Always ensure that you move Org Objects first ( in a separate transport ) and Positions Objects ( Object Type = ’S’ ) in a separate transport.
  2. You can choose to transport all Org IDs or selectively choose to send ONLY some org IDs ( or position IDs ) . This can be done using the Object ID field.
  3. You can also choose to select Org Elements in the source & Target system by clicking on the “Delete Objects” flag in the Transport Section (as shown in “How to generate a TR” section below ).
  4. Choose the list of object IDs to be Transported or deleted as shown below after executing the transaction and then click on the “Transport/Delete” button. However, please ensure that you do NOT delete Org IDs in the test system.
    • wpid-PastedGraphic6-2012-02-5-12-42.tiff

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How to generate a TR ?
Goto the Transport section as shown below and click on the LOV button. Here you can create your own task or select an existing TR.

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