SAP Status Profile Customization for a Legal GSA based workflow

Scenario : A company sells bio-chemical equipment and has entered into an Agreement with the Government ( GSA ) whereby, they will sell to all government enterprises at a reduced price. In return, all government agencies will have to buy that kind of bio-chemical equipment from this company. As part of the GSA agreement, the company is prohibited from selling to other customers at a price lower than quoted for government customers. So, the company has set up a dedicate person in the legal department to ensure that all orders > 100,000 US $ in value should be manually verified for the prices to ensure that they are not being sold at a price that is less than that the GSA price list. The task of creating this has been given to you ( SAP SD Consultant ) . The different statuses are as follows.

  • Initial
  • Legal Dept. Approved
  • Legal Dept. Rejected

Configure a status profile at the sales document header level , assign it to a custom sales document type and ensure the following.

  1. The sales document goes to the Initial status as soon as it is created.
  2. If the document is approved, then deliveries can be performed for the order.
  3. If the document is rejected, then no further steps can be performed on the order.

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