How to Save and retrieve Searches in SAP CRM Webclient UI

Searches in SAP CRM Webclient UI can be saved for quick retrieval. For example, if you want to have a quick  canned search for all the orders created by you, then you can save the search based on who has created the order and use the “Saved Searches” functionality to retrieve it. Here is an example.

Go to Sales Order Search functionality on the SAP CRM Webclient UI. ( Go to Sales Cycle work area and under the “Search” section, click on Sales orders )

 In this case, we want to find out all the orders created by me. So, select the created by in one of the selection criteria and enter the user id.

Once you make sure you are getting the desired results, give a name in the “Save Search as” field and click on the save button. This search will now be visible for you under the “Saved Searches” section to the top right corner.

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