SAP Item Category Determination – Manual vs Automatic

Problem :  How to do manual SAP item Category Determination in SAP SD  ?

Solution : Both Automatic and Manual Item Category determination are done in the same transaction [ VOV4 ] or Menu path = [ spro -> IMG -> Sales & distribution -> Sales -> Sales Documents -> Sales document Item ]

As shown in the picture above, the column ( DfItC ) Default item Category highlighted in red is the one that is determined based on the combination of Sales Document Type + Item Category Group.

If the business demands that they be able to manually over-ride the automatically determined item category, then you can add more item categories in the (MItCa ) Manual Item category Section.  Here is an example.

SAP has automatically determined an item category of TAN for the line item 10 because, the order type is OR and the item category group of the material M-01 is NORM.

The users can choose to over-ride the SAP determined item category based on the possible list of item categories you have specified in the Manual item categories tab. The user can choose the possible list of manual item categories from the possible list of values in the item category as shown below.

The same logic applies to SAP Schedule Line Categories and its determination as well. For more on SAP Training, please visit our home page. Please visit us at SAP SD Training and register for live instructor led training and one of our Training Co-ordinators will get back to you.

4 thoughts on “SAP Item Category Determination – Manual vs Automatic

  1. Ehsan says:

    Two question.

    1. Do yo have to select only one of those MItCa option which are vailble in ” item category assignment” overview or you can select any from list poped up at the line item 10 in this case?
    2. Can you just add ( determines) any MItCa entries at the Change View ” Item Category Assignment” [vov4]?


    • siva says:

      1. Any
      2. YES. Any

      The answers above are technically correct. But think more about the business functionality – As to why you are using these, what functionality is it affecting.

      This is just the how. Now, let me ask you this question related to “what/why”. Why would you want to use Manual Item Category Determination ?


  2. Ehsan says:

    Thanks. Yes…technically any Manual Item category. That was my question. But , yes, you must have business reason/need to creat an Item category and then replace it by overriding manually.
    For exmaple, lets say for a billing block, if you have a NORM item category group for a standard Item and you create a standard sales order OR and you would want to block billing for that item for some reason. You would create ( or find ) an Item category with billing block and use it manually in place of TAN.


  3. Emery P says:

    One function of item category determination is the USAGE of the material. How is this function triggered? There are also many categories of USAGE in the system, can you tell where to go to get full explanations of each and how they are set up? I know about cross-selling and something about the CMIR being used, but little about what the functions of all the categories are for.


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