How to Create new Attributes for Organizational Units in SAP CRM ?

Some students from our SAP CRM Training classes were curious as to how to create new Attributes for Organizational Units in SAP CRM.

Solution : Although this is NOT a common scenario, they are defined in the database table T77OMATTR. The maintenance view for this table is OOATTRCUST. The attributes that we are talking about are the ones that you see in Organizational Management in SAP CRM [ PPOMA_CRM ]

The attributes in this case are Activity Reason, Country etc for the Service Function and for the Org unit “IDES Incorporated”.

Let’s say you want to add one more – Say “Postal Code Extn” ,


Step 1 : goto [ OOATTRCUST ]

Step 2 : Go to Attributes and either create your own or copy an existing attribute that resembles the type of attribute you want to create.

Step 3 : Go to  Scenarios and select the corresponding function – Service in this case. Step 4 : Create a new Attribute with the respective selections like inheritance, required/optional etc.

Step 5 : Enter the new attribute in the object type as well.

Step 6 : You can see the Postal code 2 in the new Organization unit.


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