Internet Back-up in Case of Power & Internet Outages

There has been several Internet and Power outages in the recent past in India ( even in major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune ). This has resulted in SAP Training Classes being cancelled by trainers working out of their homes.

Infrastructural issues are not uncommon in Indian cities, but this severely affects the students and their perspective of Magna Training. Here are some solutions that have really worked out well with some trainers and might as well work with you.

1. Get a subsidized Value Pack on Mobile Phones for emergencies.

There are some Value Packs in Uninor, Tata Docomo that offer 1 paise/second. This is as good as a local call. This option has really worked out very well for VOIP if you are using webex. The voice quality is excellent. Here are some examples. They are available in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and some other states.








2. Get an emergency Wireless Broadband Connection ( Reliance or Tata Photon ).

A new Reliance Connection or a Tata Photon Connection costs nothing more than 1500 Rs. to set-up and you can get pre-paid top-ups as low as Rs.300 a month which will give you enough bandwidth for 1 full month’s of classes on webex.

The above two options are highly reliable ( They work irrespective of Power Cuts or Internet Outages – When was the last time a Mobile Phone network didn’t work ).

And, we are NOT asking you to do this every day, but do it in emergencies only as a back-up mechanism ( Power outages & Internet Outages ).

We wan’t to build a long term working relationship with our Trainers and we are willing to invest on quality tools like webex to make the training stand out from the crowd. Simultaneously, we are looking for some level of commitment from the trainer’s side in terms of quality and effort to bring out the best.

We are sure you will have some good suggestions as well as to how we can make this better and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Magna Training Team


3 thoughts on “Internet Back-up in Case of Power & Internet Outages

  1. Sriram says:

    I am from Chennai, fortunately so far there is no power cut in Chennai during the class time. But, I am anticipating this due to summer season. I am also planning to buy a data card. My question is: how much data download will a 1 hour class in webex will consume? Is that 300 credit sufficient or should I go for unlimited? Are you sure that a 300 top up (may be 1gb data download) be sufficient for 1 month’s class? pl advise.


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