Creation with Reference – SAP Training Sample Training Video

This sample SAP Training video discusses Creation of one document with reference to another. For full-fledged SAP Training, visit our SAP Training home page or for more on SAP Sales and Distribution training , visit our SAP SD Training page

13 thoughts on “Creation with Reference – SAP Training Sample Training Video

  1. Pooja says:


    When I am creating an order with reference to a quotation,I get this Information message:No control data maintained for checking group 04 and checking rule A,what does this mean?Can you please explain a checking group and checking rules?

    Kind Regards,



    • siva says:

      These are related to Availability check. We will get to it at a later point. I am not sure why you are getting this error. Can you please give me an example ? Like document #s etc


  2. Bhaskar says:

    I’m trying to create sales order using document type OR, for customer# 1000 in 1000/10/00 sales area but I’m always getting error like No pricing procedure could be determined and it’s blocked.How can i fix this error? i tried for lot of other existing customers like 1200,1390 and 1000, i was ended up with the same error. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    Here is the message i’m seeing, but not sure where i have to fix it.

    No pricing procedure could be determined
    Message no. V1212

    The appropriate pricing procedure could not be determined because no entry with keys ‘1000 10 00’ ‘<' 'A' exists in table 683V.

    System Response
    The system does not allow further processing of the document.


    • magnatrain says:

      Use 1400 for now. Like I always say in the class, create your own customer and material and sales area – that way your dependencies are reduced – Also, you can do your experimentation un-interrupted.


      • Bhaskar says:

        i tried this one too, same issue. The reason I’m trying to use standard accounts is customization is easy, i have my own accounts but lot of things are not working when customized.It’s just going back and forth with no luck. Any help is appreciated to fix the issue. i used customer 1400 in 1000/10/00.


      • Bhaskar says:

        looks like someone messed up Doc Pric Procedure value for SO in VOV8.It’s displaying as < for that field. what was the expected value? Please advice.


      • Bhaskar says:

        Siva, i fixed the issue by setting Doc Price Procedure as ‘A’ and it resolved. i Should have check this before posting, i was under impression that No one will touch base configuration settings.


  3. Bhaskar says:

    Siva, i created orders for the following customer #1350 but some reason pricing is not determined. Here are test orders , 25295,25296,25297 and 25298. i was tried to setup pricing through VK11 but the problem is i don’t know what is the right sequence . Played with couple of sequences but didn’t work. Can you please help what is right sequence based on the scenario. Any help is appreciated.


  4. Murali Kotikalapoodi says:


    This is very informative and gives a lot of understanding of creation with reference in OTC. Good to know some points like tracking, Audit trail as the reasons. Appreciate this posting.


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