Migrating Magna Training from Joomla to WordPress

We are in the process of migrating our main SAP Training website from Joomla to WordPress.  We have inquired with a couple of IT vendors and nobody has a fixed solution – no plugins nothing. It is more or less a head-on,brute force migration that everybody suggested. This is a very stupid way of doing things I guess, but there seems to be no choice for non-geeks like us.

We made the decision to migrate the entire website to wordpress manually. There are around 300 articles on the website the last time we counted. Here are some Google stats.


1. Google Site Stats  ( Around 1600)

2. Google Analytics  Top 500 results. ( Page views )

To achieve best results, we have decided to migrate with the top pages first. The idea is as follows.


Step 1 : Migrate the pages with more than 100 page visits a month first. See the effect of it.

Step 2 : Place all the migrated pages to “Draft” Form so that they are not crawlable yet. To avoid duplicate content issues.

Step 3 : Migrate 400 more pages

Step 4 : Since the URL structure is going to be different, we have decided to put 301 Redirects in the .htaccess file from the old URLs to the new wordpress structure.

Step 5 : Probably use a crawler to find out all errors on the page, and manually correct them. This is going to be a much less of a chore if the 301 redirects work fully well.

Based on this plan, we are looking for a way to easily grab the content on the page and up. Simple mouse based copy should work just fine. Windows Live Writer seems to be a good choice for starters like us to export the content to the website. A very crude operation indeed.

We initially thought about grabbing the article HTML, but finding the article from the URL seems to be a bit of a problem in Joomla. There are atleast 10 to 12 different menus in Joomla admin and we are not sure where the article is placed. Wish we had a joomla expert here who can do this for us. That way it could have been copy paste. But there is a small problem there though – The images – If we do a HTML grab, the image URLs from the old server would come in and we don’t want that. We want the images to be placed in the new server. And we hope thats where the desktop blogging software like Windows Live writer might help.

Instead of Windows Live Writer, we also thought about desktop blogging software like the latest version of Windows Word, but it seems to be doing only Blog Posts, not pages. Does Word do Blog Pages as well ?

3 thoughts on “Migrating Magna Training from Joomla to WordPress

  1. magnatrain says:

    Migrating 20 pages a day. Using Windows Live Writer for the same. There are issues related to live writer with the following
    1. hrefs ( occasionally )
    2. html tables
    3. youtube or other javasript embeds.

    All of these had to be done manually. Pain, but there is no way out I guess.

    Any suggestions welcome as usual.


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