SAP Text Determination

[h]SAP Partner Determination[/h]

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SAP Partner Determination is used to configure partners ( stakeholders ) in Master Data and Transactional data. Examples of these are SAP Customer Master, Sales Orders, Quotations, Deliveries, Billing Documents etc. You would need to listen to the SAP Training class to understand this and answer to the exercises. The notes here is meant for additional assistance to solve the exercises.

[b]Menu path for Partner Determination[/b]


The menu path for the same is [ SPRO -> IMG -> Sales & Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Partner Determination -> Set up Partner Determination ]. The transaction code for the same is [ VOTXN ]

[b]Text Objects and Text Types[/b]


In today’s SAP SD Training class, we have discussed the importance of text objects, the most important text objects for SAP SD Consultant . We have also discussed the different text types and how you can create your own text types.

[b]SAP Text Determination Exercises[/b]

Here are some exercises on Text Determination based on what we discussed in the class. As usual, feel free to comment your answers in.


ABC Computers has been experiencing customer issues lately. Most of them are centered around mis-communication between the different teams ( the SAP Sales team, Warehouse Team, Billing Team and Credit Management team ). Because of the large size and distribute geography of this team, information passed on by the Customer to us is not properly documented and hence is ‘slipping through’ untilately resulting in poor service. Since the sales team is customer facing, they are being charged with the responsibility to fix this issue. The Sales Process Owner has got a IT budget approved to do Business Process Re-engineering ( BPRE ) around this problem.
The project kick-off meeting has started and the team along with the SAP SD Functional consultant is in the process of first understanding the problem and identifying the resolutions. After the requirement gathering workshop is done, you go back to the team, discuss the different options and come out with the opinion that you want to use texts and print them out on SAP Outputs to alleviate the problems.

[b]Question 1 [/b]

Configure a new Customer Account Group ( as a copy of 0001 ) and create a customer with the same.

[b]Question 1 [/b]

Configure a new SAP Customer Master Sales Text type Zxxx


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