SAP Training Inquiry From Bombay

My name is Harshal. I am from Santacruz, Bombay. I am 22. I’ve appeared 4 my final exam this year..I’ll definitely secure good percentages.

But I am very concerned about my career…. I dont know what to do after…. Initially I appeared 4 this year’s cet 4 MBA… as i had decided 2 opt 4 MBA…. bt this year’s paper was very tough….Therefore, i dont think i’ll get more than 85 out of 200…..So i can’t think of doing MBA now….

About 2 weeks ago, i was surfing on the internet when i came across a forum….The forum was all about “What After T.Y.B.Com?”  I read several posts available on that forum site.. and i saw that most of the posts were regarding “SAP ABAP”.  Enthusiastically, i tried 2 obtain as much information as possible about SAP…I even came across couple of most famous SAP Training Institutions,i.e. Siemens and Genovate….
I got the fee structure of both these institutions for SAP….

Yesterday, i came across Yahoo results for SAP and i found your answer to one of the sap related questions,

What is the cost for sap training?”. It looks to me that You are a professional SAP trainer…Hence, I need a complete information regarding SAP.. I am very keen about SAP FICO…..In addition, i would also like to know that if i pursue SAP from US or UK, will there be nicer job opportunities compared to job opportunities i’ll get if i do it from India?
I am waiting for your reply…

4 thoughts on “SAP Training Inquiry From Bombay

  1. siva002 says:

    Hi Harshal
    Thank you very much for writing to us. I am a professional training and founder of Magna Training .

    First off, you have chosen a functional area SAP FICO and with no functional experience getting a job could be difficult ( Campus placements are a different story ). In the US, the scenario is different, but we will discuss this later. In India however you should have either of the 2 things.
    1. Functional experience
    2. MBA background + Campus placement

    That is not to say that other people do not fake their way into getting jobs, but I am talking about the proper way.

    Also in India, SAP ABAP has many many more jobs than SAP Functional ( FICO, CRM etc ). So a good choice with graduation background is ABAP.

    In the US the case is different, and getting there ( without either going on a student visa or corporate sponsorship ) is getting increasingly difficult – Thanks to Obama and the increasingly protectionist nature of US Immigration. Many of my students in India keep asking this question – How do I get a H1 visa – do you sponsor them etc. The answer to that is NO. We do NOT sponsor H1B visas – especially in this situation.

    However if you are already in the US and willing to work on our payroll, you are more than welcome and we assist you in all ways possible

    Job opportunities wise, India has always been hot ( for 3 to 6 years bracket ) and still is. US these days ( from the past 6 months ) has seen glory days again. Good billing rates etc.

    Let me know if you have more questions.


  2. Harshal says:

    First of all….Thank you very much for answering my query….I did not mention the fact that i have a work experience of 2.5 years….But it’s with international BPO….and i m sure, when it comes to courses like SAP, an experience with any BPO( be it domestic or intl.) won’t b considered….and i’ll have 2 enter d industry as a fresher after completing SAP….U also said..”So a good choice with graduation background is ABAP”…there are two additional things i want to know……
    1… Is SAP ABAP related to software and IT? and
    2…Can a commerce student pursue SAP ABAP??

    and what will be your personal suggestion for me regarding SAP? Some of my friends have told me that one must secure more than 70% in SAP Assessment…and One must get a job within maximum 4-5 months after completion of the course..or else whatever knowledge has been given to him/her, eventually, he/she will forget it….and apart from this…..i wanna know why is the duration of the course so short..i.e. 30 days….i mean let’s face the fact…..even colleges offering management courses like MBA which are for 2 year’s duration charge not more than 2.5 Lakhs ( i m not considering donation and stuff like that)but Siemens offer SAP for 3.3 lakhs(total Fees including tax.)..and the duartion is only 30 days…this is the most interesting thing i’ve found about SAP…


    • siva002 says:

      SAP ABAP is the programming language of SAP. So it is very much software and very much IT. Most graduate backgrounds are fine to pursue SAP ABAP Training those course unless you are a BA English .
      I am not sure what you mean by SAP Assesment ? Did you mean certification ? A more reasonable estimate to get a job is 6 to 9 months. Don’t rush into it. It will take 3 months to just finish the training and project. After that you need time to prepare resumes, modify and fine tune it, attend bunch of interviews , fail .. and ultimately succeed. There is no silver bullet. And you are right when you said you will forge it. So you always need to keep practicing it.
      All professional training’s are expensive. Yes SAP Authorized class room trainings are anywhere near 3 lacs. Its a proprietery product and hence so expensive. There is no fixed recipe for MBA education, its not proprietery. I guess thats the reason why. But then we would have to ask SAP why they are so expensive 🙂


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