Introducing Live Chat to Magna Training

We are introducing Live Chat to our website today. We have been doing chat for a couple of months now using Websitealive and wanted to upgrade. We found Live Chat ( ) to be a much more elegant solution with its integration to zoho crm for lead creation, saving of chats etc. We are currently getting upwards of 40 K + page views a month and we would consider that a pretty decent surface area for the variety of SAP Training courses we currently offer, to interact pro-actively with our customers via pop-up chat button. Currently, this pro-active chat is set to 20 seconds, but going forward we might fine tune it to specific pages.
That’s another thing that we liked with Live Chat – the ability to fine tune the auto-response by page. For example, we could target specific pages and say that we want to pro-actively target users only on specific pages. I think we will do some trail and error to figure out the optimal way to interact depending on how viewers get interested in our training programs. We now also have the ability to push pages proactively to customers, providing the best information at the right time. Will come back with more news on this.

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