How to create/change SAP Pricing Condition Tables – SAP Training March 2011 Batch

The transaction to create / change SAP Pricing Condition tables is [V/05 ].  The menu path for the same is [spro -> IMG -> Sales
& Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Pricing Control -> Define Condition Tables ] . View more SAP Pricing exercises here as part of our standard SAP Training exercises.

Enter the Condition table

After the table opens up, click on the “Technical View” button on the top.

You will see a technical description of the fields there.

One of our SAP SD Training student Vikas had this question that his fields were not matching in the Access Sequence. In situations like this, you would have to double check the technical field when matching the condition table technical fields to the fields in the document.

8 thoughts on “How to create/change SAP Pricing Condition Tables – SAP Training March 2011 Batch

    • Raghava says:

      Goto VOK0>Environment>Condition table>Field catalog> Add new entries or make a copy of existing standard field (as per your business need) and can create your own set of fields (starting with Y or Z).


  1. Anshu says:

    If we find out that the Technical Descriprion of the chosen fied in incorect how can we remove from our selection. Is there a another way other than starting over ?


  2. Raghava says:

    Important thing to consider while customizing or creating a condition table is to consider the sequence of the key fields and which fields wants to be appeared in header and item.
    This affects the performance of the system during pricing and it is always best practice to take an approach of Top to low level hierarchy (say org elements>Header>to item level items eg: Sales org/Distr.Channel/Customer/Material etc)


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