How to create a new Blog Post

This post is used as a training reference to all employees of Magna Training to start posting on the blog. Any questions any of the employees have, please ask it under the comments section. Contact the training department if you do not have a user id yet.

1. Log on to
2. Enter your credentials.
3. Let’s say you want to create an entry on a upcoming SAP Training announcement, say “SAP CRM Training starting this March 2011….” , here is how you do it.

On the top right corner, click on “New Post” button.

Put a Title and start putting content in.

If you need to put in images, click on the fiirst button next to Upload/Insert .

If the media you want to put is already updated to the blog then click on the “Media Library” and use the box to search ( based on image name etc. )

For example, since this post talks about SAP CRM Training, I have searched for SAP CRM Training image and the following search results show up. Click on “Show” button next to the image you want to insert.

Scroll down and select the alignment. For smaller images choose “Left” . For larger images choose “Center”

Now you can select the “Insert into Post” button.

After done with the content of the post, you have to do 3 things.

1. Select the Category to post it under.

2. Insert tags to identify the post

3. Select the “Use as Featured image” link ( either during new image upload or during selecting the image from the media library )

After that click on the Publish Button.

Voila ! you have created a post.


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