How to Create a Lead in Zoho CRM

Step 1 : Click on the “Leads” tab and select “New Lead” button.

Contact Details : Enter the lead’s full name in the “Last Name” column. Copy the same into the “Company” field. Enter the lead’s phone number and email also.

Lead Source : Enter the Lead’s source in the drop down based on where you found the lead. For example, if the lead was created from emagister, select it.

Lead Status : For new leads, select the lead’s status to “Just In”

Technology & Module : Select the technology and module. For example if somebody is looking for SAP Training and asks for SAP CRM Training, then select SAP in the Technology box and CRM in the modules drop-down

Choose the module from the drop down only after the “Technology” field has been selected.

Country : If the lead is from any of the countries in the list, select it.

If not, select Others ( Specify ) and enter the country manually.

Description : Enter the specific requirements if any for that lead ( If there is nothing, leave the description field blank ) and click on Save.

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