Picked Quantity Grayed out in SAP Delivery – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

Error : In order to finish some exercises on today’s SAP Training class, depending on the Sales Org selected, some students had trouble entering the picked quantity. This issue will be faced by orders flowing in from SAP CRM as well for logistics into ECC. So this post can be used by SAP CRM Training students as well.

In this case, please observe that the “Overall WM Status” says “WM Transfer Order Required” . And there will be a warehouse no. assigned to it.

Solution : This is happening because, Warehouse Management is enabled for the corresponding Plant’s storage location. The immediate and only solution to this is to create a “Transfer Order” in SAP

You will be prompted to save the delivery. Save it.

Complete the Transfer Order as guided by SAP. If  Warehouse Management is configured well, then you should be able to complete the transfer order as desired.

Hit enter, and you will see the main SAP Transfer Order screen,

Hit the save button. If the material is available, it will be picked up by the transfer order and the picked quantity will automatically be populated by the SAP Transfer order into the SAP Delivery. Go back and open the Delivery again [ VL02N ]. The picked quantity will automatically be populated in the SAP Delivery.

You can proceed to save the delivery in SAP as usual.  You would need SAP Access to practice these issues.

7 thoughts on “Picked Quantity Grayed out in SAP Delivery – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

  1. karthik says:

    Hi Siva
    I have created order no 13935 and delivery no 80016503 but am not able to do the billing.I tried to do the picking manually by the process we discussed today but the create transfer order is grayed out.Can you tell me where i am going wrong



    • siva says:

      Can you please explain what you mean by “picking manually” and what did you mean by “Create Transfer Order” grayed out ?

      Please check the following
      1. When you are clicking on Create transfer order in the menu , make sure the delivery is in change mode not display mode. That could probably be the reason why the “Create Transfer Order” is grayed out.
      2. You will not be able to do the billing until the delivery document is technically complete. By Technically complete, I mean the PGI ( Post Goods Issue ) should be done.

      Please let me know if we need additional discussion on this in the class


  2. Sahil says:


    I could not create a billing document because my delivery was not complete; the pick quantity was not picked, but in a case were the pick quantity field is grayed then following the following procedure–GO to the menu bar and select subsequent functions–creat a transfer order–in the pop select “YES”– Then do the PGI (Post Goods Issue) and save the document.

    Delivery Created 80016708
    transfer order 5097

    Do the billing VFO1 and save the document.

    Billing Document 90038825


  3. satish says:


    Between delivery and PGI there are fewactivites that are required to be done that is YOUR PICK AND PACK activity so now for that to be done you need to specify from where the pick and pack activity is to be carried this for which we do trasfer order

    The reason why the picking qunatity is gryed out is that there might be no stock avilable for the delivery to take palce or the system is not able to understand as to from where the stock is to be picked i.e the storage location or the storage type or storage bin ; this is why the picking feild is greyed out
    Now to over come this you need to create the fallowing set of steps

    1. Post the material with MB1C using 561 movement type and the posting period and this should match with the fisical year of posting in OB 52

    Once you create this step the material document is created which specifes as to in which ware house the material moves . so go to lt04 and create a trasfr requirement using the material document and now using LT06 create transfer order using trasfer requirement fallowed with creating trasfer order using LT01 with the warehouse

    In the meantime you need to see in MMBE if the material is posted in the unrestricted area for the pickig to be done

    Once your trasfer order is created you will see that the picking qty feild in the line itme gets pop up and there by you can create PGI


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