SAP HR Live Project

Magna Training is proud to offer a full fledged SAP HR Live Project which includes all areas of SAP HR. For more information on SAP HR Training, please visit our link listed above.

What is included :

  1. Business Requirements in all of the following Functional areas of SAP HR
    1. PA ( Personnel Administration )
    2. OM ( Organization Management )
    3. TM ( Time Management )
    4. PY ( Payroll )
  2. Detailed Blueprint preparation ( Including techniques to prepare the same – SAP HR Blueprint Sample here or here)
  3. Full Fledged BPP’s ( Business Process Procedures ) which includes full configuration steps for all the business scenarios mentioned in the Business Requirement document.

The price for SAP HR Live project is as follows.

Option 1 : Full Fledged , Instructor led SAP HR Live Project Hands-on Training ( Including 30 hours of instructor time ) – $ 500

Option 2 : Full fledged SAP HR Training + Full Fledged , Instructor led SAP HR Live Project ( Option1 above )                     – $ 1000

If you are interested in Live Projects in other modules of SAP ( SAP SD Mini Live Project, SAP CRM Live Project etc ) , feel free to click on the links above. If you are interested in Online SAP Training, please visit Magna Training home page.


One thought on “SAP HR Live Project

  1. anu says:


    I am interested in the LIve project for hr….is it a online?

    where is it conducted if not online?

    do you have a recorded video of the live project training?so that i can play it when time permits


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