SAP HR Sample Blueprint – Part of SAP HR Training Live Project


Project Magna Business Blueprint


(SAP – HR Implementation)

Business Blueprint Document

Accepted by:
Country / Country Representative / Date / Signature:

Table of contents

1.0 Personnel Administration

1.1 Personal Areas

1.2 Personal Sub Areas

1.3 Employee Group

1.4 Employee Subgroup

1.5 Employee Number range

1.6 Personnel file

1.7 Personnel actions

1.8 Reports

2.0 Organizational Management

2.1 Description

2.2 Organizational Structure

2.3 Objects

2.4 Relationship between Objects

  1. Time Management


Public Holiday Calendar

3.2    Explanations of functions and events

3.3    Approach

3.4    Public Holiday Calendar

3.5    Work Schedules

3.6    Time Recording

3.6.1 Attendance Types

3.6.2 Overtime Types and Calculations

3.6.3 Absence Types

3.7    Quota Handling

3.7.1 Annual Leave Quota

3.7.2 Quota deduction priority is as follows

  1. Payroll

4.1 AS IS Process

4.2 TO BE Process

4.3 Basic Payroll Data

4.4 Payroll Organization

4.5 Payroll Schema

4.6 Grouping for PCR and CAP

4.7 Pay Scale Structure

4.7.1    Pay Scale Type.

4.7.2 Pay Scale Area:

4.7.3    Pay Scale Group:

4.7.4 Pay Scale Level

4.8 Wage Types

4.9    ESG and PSA Grouping for Wage Type

4.10 Payroll Related Infotype

4.10.1    0008 Basic pay

4.10.2 0014 Recurring payments/ deductions

4.10.3 0015 Additional payments

4.10.4    0009 Bank 01

4.10.5    0000 Actions

4.10.6    0001 Organisation Assignment

4.10.7    0002 Personal Data

4.10.8    0003 Payroll Status

4.10.9    0006 Address

4.10.10 0007 Planned Working Time

4.10.11 0267 Additional Payments: Off-Cycle

4.11    Features to be maintained

4.11.1. TARIFF:

4.11.2. ANSAL

4.11.3. LGMST:

4.12 Reports

Enterprise Structure

The company code refers to the legal entities that balance sheets/ P+L statements are produced for.

The following legal entities will be created in the system. The naming convention is to have the first two digits identifying the country, for USA this is 10nn.

Company Information

Company Code

Company Information



Registered Address

Controlling Area


Company Fiscal Yr



Magna Soft

Magna Training

M hill




New Jersy






Jan – Dec

Jan – Dec

The rest of the blueprint document is only available to the SAP Training students of Magna Training. Please visit us at Magna Training or for more information on SAP HR Training

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