SAP Live Project – Sales and Distribution

Here is a summary of the mini SAP SD Live Project ( Beginner Level  ) that has been discussed in the SAP Training class. All SAP SD students will be given the live mini project ensuing a 5 hours discussion and evaluation of the same following the student’s feedback. Most of the scenarios closely resemble situations from various real time, live projects. As discussed, each sentence needs to be understood for implications in SAP and the corresponding deliverable document needs to be written in your own words.  In reality, the business summary needs to be created by the consultant based on the vocal or other audio-video presentations made by the end-users, power users or business process owners.

Business Summary :

Sales Process Owner : We (ABC Computers Inc., ) are a reseller of computer products.  Our organization is headquartered in Edison, NJ with plants in both San Francisco, CA and Austin Texas. We have sales offices in the 4 major geographies ( New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA ). Each sales office has 2 sales groups – one for each product line. The rest of the team will explain the rest of the business processes in detail.

Product Manager : We mainly sell 2 product lines – Desktops and Laptops. Our materials are

DTP-DELLxx                Dell Intel Based Desktop

DTP-HPxx                     HP Intel Based Desktop

LTP-SAMSUNGxx      Samsung Atom Based Laptop

LTP-HPxx                      HP Atom Based Laptop

We use the following hierarchy to report on Product Sales



|=======> Desktops

|                                   |——> DELL

|                                   |——> HP

|=======> Laptops

|                                   |——> SAMSUNG

|                                   |——>HP

Sales Manager:

Customers : Our main customers are all domestic US customers. We have customers from the retail, corporate and wholesale space. All our Retail Customers are Cash-customers , our Corporate customers are extended NET 60 and wholesale customers are extended NET 30 terms. All retail customers and corporate customers are typically tax liable. Since all of our wholesale customers have resale certificates for all the 50 states, they are generally tax-exempt. All Corporate customers have sales employees associated with them to assist with sales.

Pricing : We follow 3 price lists in most of the cases. A retail price list, wholesale price list and corporate price list. Each of these price lists are offered to the respective customer types. There are also customer specific price lists that are offered only to special high volume customers. Discounts are offered only for a specific promotional period ( typically with a validity of 1 month during special seasons ). There are customer specific discounts ( specifically for corporate customers ) and material specific time-bound discounts ( in case of new product launches ).

Sales Processes : Most of sales happen via the normal sales order mechanism. We also handle returns, credit and debit memos and contracts with quantity limit. Only for 2 corporate customers we do consignments.

Warehouse Manager :

All products are either shipped via Fedex or in case of wholesale customers picked up directly from the warehouse. We do not do our own packing.


Deliverable : The following documents need to be prepared by you in that order.

  1. Blueprint Documents
    1. Enterprise Structure
    2. Master Data
    3. Sales Process Flow
    4. Pricing
  2. SAP Functional Specification Template
  3. Test Plan ( Test Cases )

Template Documents : Use the following template documents to create the documents specified above.

Solutions :

SAP SD Pricing Solution :  Part-1

Standard Order

38 thoughts on “SAP Live Project – Sales and Distribution

  1. siva002 says:

    Got your email on email.
    “do we need to maintain storage loation of the material,if so how in maintaining storage location, its asking for determine work area?”

    Yes , Please maintain a storage location, but work area is not important. SAP SD Consultants can choose to ignore it.

    SAP Training


  2. yogesh says:

    Hello sir

    1)when assign plant to company code its showing error that ZAUT(plant) is not in T001W table

    2) where to assign the NET 30 and NET 60 in the sales document


    • siva002 says:

      Can you please let me know the Plant and the company code you are assigning ?
      Net 30 and Net 60 are industry standard terms that are used to describe Payment terms. For example, Standard SAP Payment Terms 004 describes the following

      0004 Within 14 days 3 % cash discount
      Within 30 days 1 % cash discount
      Within 60 days Due net

      This could be considered as Net 60 3% . Similarly find out payment terms that has Net 30.


      • yogeuk says:

        when i tried to zabc with zaut i am getting problem

        its also giving problems in creating material master when we enter plant its showing the error


      • siva002 says:

        Hi Yogesh
        I checked out the plant ZAUT. It was not available. As you can see below, there is no ZAUT Plant defined. Hence the error.

        Can you email me the screenshot of the error that you get when you create the material master ?

        SAP Training


  3. Vikas Jain says:


    I am Not able to create customer master (say 200007) for Account group DEF Corporate Customers, I created for slaes area Z001/ZC/DL. system is asking for Partner Function “Number”. Plese help me with that.


  4. Vikas Jain says:


    I am Not able to create customer master (say 200007) for Account group DEF Corporate Customers, I created for slaes area Z001/ZC/DL. system is asking for Partner Function “Number”. Please help me with that.


    • magnatrain says:

      That is because, for every new Customer Account Group that you create in SAP, you would have make sure that Partner Determination is assigned to it.

      somehow, I could not find the Customer Account Group DEF that you created ? Can you please double check and let me know ?

      The bottom line is, for every new SAP Customer Account that you create, please go to VOPAN ( SAP Partner Determination ) and do the corresponding Partner Determination.

      SAP Training


    • siva says:

      Definitely. Please give me the SAP Sales Order number you are trying to set the pricing procedure for. I will be able to give you specific instructions on the same.


      • Vikas says:

        Hi Sir,

        Sorry, actually I am looking how to do Pricing Condition Technique for this mini project. Like what should be the fields in the condition table, about access sequence and all other steps. Please help me with that.


      • Siva says:

        Hi Vikas
        Can you please send me your phone number ? Let’s do a session sometime, just you and me so that I can explain the basic price list based pricing. Based on that probably you can do the discounts.

        It should’t take more than 30 mins. Would you be able to do it ? May be coming Saturday , Sunday ?


    • magnatrain says:

      Hi Roji
      For this order, shipping point determination was not done. Look at this picture.
      SAP Shipping Point Determination.


      • magnatrain says:

        Please let me know what kind of assistance you need with the deliveries and copy controls.


      • Roji says:


        I am still having difficulties with this. I created Route 000400, I set the picking/packing time to 0 days and loading time to 2 days for shipping point Z400. How do I tie it all together? I tried creating another order and the route is defaulting to 000001. Please advise.


      • siva says:

        Hi Roji
        You would have to do Route Determination. Did you do that ?Please tell me the order # so that I can look into it.


    • magnatrain says:

      Overall, an excellent job!! Appreciate all your good effort. You are the first to complete almost all the aspects of the project until now.
      Please go ahead and post the documents that you have created , one for each scenario – so that I can also check it out.

      Good Job once again !!

      Just a couple of observations.
      1. I have seen that you have been using special characters Z#, Z@ for distribution channel and division etc. Please refrain from doing so. This is not normal. You might have done it because of non-availability. But in non-ides systems this would not be a problem. Also, you don’t need to use the ‘Z’ namespace for enterprise structure.
      2. Try to use internal number ranges for Customers. The SAP Customer Account Group you have created ZRET, ZWHO etc use external number range which is not advised.
      3. Also, try and create your own delivery document types and billing document types. Right now all the copy controls are linked to LF and F2 or other standard delivery and billing document types.
      4. For pricing, you don’t need to use Customer. You can just use Pricelist/Material.

      Once you are done with this project, I will give you the next set of enhancements.

      SAP Training


  5. karthik says:

    hi siva
    created company zabc and assigned it to company code 3000
    created plants sfo6 and aut6
    created sales org nje6
    created distribution channel nj
    created sales office nyny,chil,hotx and laca
    created sales group zkd for desktops and zkl for laptops
    created customer groups zret for retail customers
    created customer group zcor for corporate customers
    created customer group zwho for wholesale customers
    created respective sale doc type with ref of OR for each group like zcus for retail customer,zwho for wholesale customers and zcor for corporate customers.


  6. karthik says:

    1.Do we have to maintain a material hierarchy and if so how to do it?
    2.should we create a new customer for each customer group we have created and test them.
    3.In pricing we create 3 price lists for each group but do we create more price lists for all the discounts that is given below.If so how many price lists should we create?


    • siva says:

      1. The detailed notes for Product Hierarchy is available under Day 4 ( Material Master ) section. Please revert if you have specific questions.
      2. Yes Plz
      3. First off, do you understand what I meant by a pricelist there. ? How do you intend to configure it. ? Please revert and I will give you more inputs.


  7. karthik says:

    Hi Siva
    in the pricing do you mean to say we have to create three pricelists with a different discounts in each of it like for retail costumers we have to give special discounts for festival seasons and for wholesale costumers we have to give discounts based on volume and for corporate pricelists we have to offer discounts based on customers
    Is it right whatever i am inferring
    pl advice


  8. karthik says:

    created material master for all the products listed like xpt-dell06,xpt-hp06,lpt-samsung06 and lpt-hp06.
    Created costumers for each of the costumer group like 67895 for zret,67896 for zwho and 67897 for zcor.


  9. karthik says:

    Hi siva
    created pricelist for retail customer 67895 but had to put them manually
    I dont know where i got wrong
    created condition table 700
    created access seq zret
    created condition table zret
    pricing procedure zret01
    for the order type zcus,sale org nej6,dist channel nj and div 00
    could not get the tax part and the total also
    pl look into it



  10. Ranjit says:

    Hi Siva,

    I just want to learn SAP SD Project.Can u send me the details of the duration, Fees etc..Kindly do the favour.



  11. mushtaq says:

    Dear ,

    I am Mushtaq Ahmed comppleted SAP in SD iam facing problem in Stock posting mb1c that namber range date 2014 is not exist,kindly anyone can guide me how do i resolve it

    Mustaq Ahmed


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