How to create new Customer Groups in SAP ? – SAP Training

Here is how  you create a new customer group in SAP. This post is for our SAP SD Training students who are practicing the SAP Pricing exercises as part of their SAP Training regimen. The business significance of customer group has already been explained in the class.

Step No. 1 : Go to [ spro -> IMG ->Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Business Partners -> Sales -> Define Customer Groups ]

Step No. 2 : Using new entries, create your own customer groups.

Create  SAP Price list types here. You would be required to have SAP Access to practice on the same.

37 thoughts on “How to create new Customer Groups in SAP ? – SAP Training

    • siva says:

      This is under Customization. Type in SPRO in the command window and click on “SAP Reference IMG” and then follow the menu path as described.


  1. Jaspreet says:

    Hi Siva

    I am trying to save the customer group i created but getting a pop up message
    “Prompt for Customizing request”

    Please advise


    • siva says:

      As discussed in the class, check out the “What is Transport Request” and “How to create Transport request” pages on our sap sd training web page


  2. Nasim says:

    Problem in saving customer group…
    I followed all the way and created new customer group and then when I click save Button, it throws a Dialogue box Prompt of Customising Request to the screen.


  3. Larry Cabral says:

    Entered unique name (ZN) and entered to validate. Then saved. I later encountered a “maintenance request” when leaving the program. I filled in the request information using prompts.

    The Prompt allowed me to select maint request number VANK900213 – Please explain further about custimaztion requests and change transports.

    I assigned price group to the customer sales area – sales data screen – pricing statistics section – Customer 19102/3000/10/00.


  4. Isaac says:

    Hi Siva,

    1345 was the cutomer i wanted to create. I used the sales area 1000 10 00. The message was: Customer 1345 is not defined for function SP (table TPAKD).




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