Sales Document Types Configuration in SAP SD – SAP SD Training – Jan 2011 Batch

In today’s class, we have discussed the Sales Document Types Configuration. We touched upon the business significance of the most important fields and understood the effect of each of these fields through performing transactions in the system. The rest of the fields ( Fields like Credit Group, Output Application, Status Group etc ) will be discussed when the respective concepts are covered. For full fledged SAP SD Training, or for other SAP Training modules, please visit Magna Training home page.

Summary : The following fields were discussed in detail including demos on the same.

  1. SAP Sales Document Category
  2. SAP Sales Document Block
  3. SAP Number Ranges
  4. Item Number Increment
  5. Reference Mandatory
  6. Check Division
  7. Check Purchase Order Number
  8. Screen Sequence Group
  9. SAP Delivery Block
  10. Delivery Type
  11. Immediate Delivery
  12. Shipping Conditions
  13. Lead Time
  14. Propose PO Date
  15. Propose Delivery Date.

Scenario 1 : ABC Computers Inc., is preparing to launch a new high-end product line in January 2011 and has chosen to make sure that customers exclusively order this product line separately in a separate order. Since this is a high-end product line, this requires that the order be verified thoroughly before the corresponding products are delivered. Since these are premium products, in order to make sure that a certain QoS is maintained, the shipping is always to be done ASAP although the standard delivery type will be used for the same. The company also wants the sales Order’s line items to increment in multiples of 100.

Question 1 : Configure a new SAP SD Saleas Document Type that satisfies the business criteria mentioned in Scenario 1. List the SAP SD document type and the corresponding controls you have tweaked.

Question 2 : List a Sales Order in SAP that you have created using the document type you have created based on Question 1 above.

Scenario 2 : It is December 2011 now, and ABC Computers Inc., has decided to drop the product line it launched in January ( Scenario 1 above ) and prevent any further orders from being created by the Sales users even by mistake.

Question 3: Which field in the SAP SD Sales Document type configuration will help you achieve the business scenario 2 ?

Other Questions ( Not based on the Scenarios above )

Question 4: What is PO Type ? Why would you use it ? Where is it available in the Sales Order ?

Copyright © SAP® AG

Question 5 : Do you need to explicitly assign a sales order type to a Sales area ? If not, what is the necessity to do the assignment ?Copyright © SAP® AG

 Question 6: What is the difference between Standard order and Rush Order ? What configuration would effect this change ?

Question 7: What is the difference between Standard order and Rush Order ? What configuration would effect this change ?


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