SAP Certification – How Magna Training helps you get SAP Certified ?

This is one of the most asked question by our customers and we thought we better write about it.

Magna Training § does its best in providing top-class SAP Training for professionals and students alike.  Our primary training goals are to let the trainings be

  1. Job Oriented Training and
  2. Fast-Track

The training that we do rarely exceeds 40 to 50 hours. We at Magna Training firmly believe that any module of SAP can be covered in that time frame from a Job Oriented perspective. Let’s say if somebody is undergoing SAP FICO Training with us

SAP Certification on the other hand is a very intensive process that involves learning the entire subject. The stress is more on completeness of the product ( SAP ) rather than on the business scenarios. The questions are very tricky and really test your SAP knowledge.

Qualification : Not everybody can take the exam in certain countries.  For example, in countries like India, there are limited options to get certified. However if you are in the US, UK or most western countries, there are no restrictions whatsoever with SAP Certification.

§Magna Training is NOT associated with SAP ® AG in Germany or any other country.

Magna Training is NOT as SAP ® Authorize Training Partner.

In countries like India, there are limited options to get certified

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