What is a Data Warehouse ? – Informatica Training Online – Jan 2011 Batch

This is a Summary of today’s Informatica Training Class. We have taken a bank and discussed the different business processes inside the bank and related them to the Data Warehouse requirements.

Summary : We have discussed the key features of a Data Warehouse.

Integrated : We have seen real-life examples of why a data warehouse needs to be integratd.

Subject-Oriented : We have seen examples of subject-oriented databases and understand how subject-oriented Databases are different from Transaction Oriented databases

Time-Variant :


OLTP vs OLAP : We have discussed he key differences between OLTP ( Online Transaction Processing ) and OLAP ( Online Analytical Processing ) systems and which category a data warehouse falls under.

Historic Data : We have also discussed the importance of historic data and why it is maintained.

Summary Data : We have seen examples of Summarized data and why this is used in storing historic data as opposed to Detailed Data.

Scenario : Magna Super Market implements Informatica Data warehouse.

Question 1 : Which of the following represent OLAP Queries ?

  • What is the total Retail Sales of Dairy Products in North-East Urban Areas ?
  • What is the current address of the Customer ?
  • What is the revenue generated from the sale of magazines in our Eastern division stores ?
  • What is the total rebate given to the Customer until date ?
  • What is the price of  1 ltr of 4% milk on 2000 ?


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