SAP SD Interview Questions – SAP SD Training Batch of Feb 2011

Here is a summary of the interview questions that we discussed in today’s SAP SD Training class. Please answer them here as well in your own words so that you will get a better understanding. Most of these questions are scenario based and that’s how they are in real life. So, as discussed in the class – Always be prepared with real-time scenarios. No text book stuff please 🙂

  1. What is PGI ? What is the significance of PGI ?
  2. What is the highest Organization element in SAP SD ?
  3. How many Sales Organizations have you configured in your previous company ?
  4. My customer requires to consolidate multiple deliveries. How should this scenario be configured ?
  5. I want to configure the Customer Master for a Non-profit company which has tax-exemption certificate. How should this scenario be configured ?
  6. Is there a limit on the number of line items in the sales order ?
  7. Does Availability Check happen in Inquiry ?  ( If not, why ? )
  8. Does Transfer of Requirements happen in Quotation ? ( If not, why ? )
  9. Are schedule Lines Created for Quotation ? ( If not, why ? )
  10. What is the Transaction code to Create/Change Display Deliveries ?
  11. What is the Transaction code used to create a Return Delivery ? ( Is it different from standard delivery ? )
  12. What kind of organizational structures did you create during your last projects and why ?
  13. Where would you use an SAP Return Order and  SAP Credit Memo ? ( Business Scenario Differences )
  14. How many different distribution channels and divisions did you create for your last client  and why ?
  15. A material belongs to 2 different Material Group Classifications. How do you solve this problem ?
  16. Who creates the Company Code data in the Customer Master ?
  17. Can a Customer Belong to multiple Sales Groups / Sales Offices ?
  18. Can you give me some examples of Shipping Conditions you configured ?
  19. Who configured your Payment Terms ?
  20. What are the different kind of Partner Functions you configured and why ?
  21. Can a material belong to more than 1 division ?
  22. Why are common distribution Channel maintained ?
  23. What is the difference between Individual Requirements vs Collective Requirements in SAP ?
  24. What is the difference between a cash sale ( CS ) and Rush Order ( RO ) ?
  25. What is the difference between commercial invoice & Proforma Invoice ?
  26. Can proforma Invoices be created with reference to order ?
  27. How to view the Transaction Code associated with a Program in SAP ?
  28. What is the Difference between Consignment Special Stock and Regular Stock

Do you have an interview question you want to add ? Please post your SAP interview questions here.

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3 thoughts on “SAP SD Interview Questions – SAP SD Training Batch of Feb 2011

  1. Ranjit says:

    Hi Siva,

    This is Ranjit.your teachings are extraordinary…and i never seen or never thought such a teaching in are fabulous. I have learnt many things with your Demos.I’m really thankful to u.


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