How to Create Material Groups in SAP – SAP MM Training Series

Menu Path to create the material groups in SAP is

[ spro -> IMG -> Logistics General -> Material Master -> Settings for Key Fields -> Define Material Groups ]

Material groups are created in the system to classify and group materials for analysis, giving discounts specific to a particular product group etc. SAP Material group is illustrated as part of SAP SD Training to classify materials in the material master and can be viewed on SAP Material Master Basic View exercises.

13 thoughts on “How to Create Material Groups in SAP – SAP MM Training Series

  1. Habib says:

    Hi Siva,

    I created a bunch of material groups with respect to the Material Master Exercise but when i am creating a new material in the system, I don’t see any of the groups that i created under the Sales Org 2 tab. e.g of some of the groups are H1DESKTOP, H1LAPTOP etc.

    I created the groups unders Logistic Gen> Settings Relevant for Data Fields etc



  2. Larry Cabral says:

    Question 1 : How many divisions would you create in this case ?
    The scenario does not indicate multiple sales organizations or distribution channels, so only 1 division is required.

    Question 2 : How many material groups would you create in this case ?
    The company has already elected to have a high level of granularity in thier product categories. This may indicates that there are multiple products in each category and the wish to report to these specific categories. In addition the PC’s are composite products that may be constructed using a Bill of Materials from the existing material groups, so I added 2 material groups “package computers and Lap tops.

    ZLC1 = IBU – Intel Based CPU, ZLC2 = ABU – AMD Based CPY,
    ZLC3 =M17 – 17 ” Monitors, ZLC4 = M19 – 19″ Monitors,
    ZLC5 = WM – Wired Mouse, ZLC6 = LM – Wireless Mouse,
    ZLC7 = WKB – Wired Keyboard, ZLC8 = LKB – Wireless Keyboard,
    ZLC9 = Computer Package, ZLC10 = Lap Top

    Materails created for DIMOKK, LIMOLL, DIMOLL


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