How to Create a Sales Order in SAP – SAP SD Training

To create a Sales Order in SAP, follow these steps.

Transaction Code : VA01

Menu path : [ Logistics -> Sales & Distribution -> Sales -> Order -> Create Sales order ]

Step No. 1 : Choose Order Type as OR ( SAP  Standard Sales Order )

Step No. 2 : Choose the Sales Organization = 1000, Distribution Channel = 10 , Division = 00 and hit enter

Step No. 3 : Choose a Customer , say 1400 and a PO Number say “Test PO”

Step No. 4 : Enter a material Number and quantity and click on Save. The SAP Sales Order Number will be displayed in the status bar.





18 thoughts on “How to Create a Sales Order in SAP – SAP SD Training

  1. Muthu says:

    Hi Siva,
    When I create a sales order with Material M-01 , and try to save it , I am getting the message “Sales Unit PC is not defined for item 10”.When I check the base unit of measure in material master for M-01, it says PC.Where is the sales UOM set in material master?


  2. Pooja says:


    Can you please have a look at order#25180 for me please.
    Scenarios followed are:
    1.Two materials with different terms of payments and different delivery locations.
    2.Requested delivery date is 19.12.201.
    Two error messages as below:
    1.No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date
    2.Item 000020: delivery split because of different shipping points
    Second one understandable.

    With first one not sure why is it occurring:
    I am doing the delivery on 19.12.2011.
    Materials are in stock,checked in MMBE.

    Can you please assist.

    Kind Regards,



  3. Sudhakar says:


    I got an error while creating SO. “No Pricing Procedure Determined” Seems like a common error but couldn’t resolve it.

    Created my own CC and here are the details:

    CC: Dell Dell
    Dis Ch: IS
    Div: CM

    Please let me know.



    • siva says:

      This is a problem with Pricing procedure Determination. We will see this in pricing. Until the, please give me the Customer Number , Sales Area and Doc type and I will fix the problem for you.


      • Sudhakar says:

        I created the “DELL” with

        Distribution Channels (Internet Sales (IS), Wholesale (W1)) and

        Divisions (Computers (CM), Miscllaneous (MI), Service (SV)).

        My common Dis channel and Division are:

        Dis. ch : IS
        Div: CM

        Customer No: 7151 through 7160 (No pricing prcedure determined) Not allowing to create SO.

        Materials: L10, L20, D10,, D20, MSE, KEY, SRV

        Please take a look at the enterprise structure and make sure everything is ok.



  4. Ronaldo says:


    This is the question that I’m trying to understand the answer:


    When the Order quantity is less than Min Order Quantity “Take minimum order quantity 100 EA into account in item 000010″ Warning appeared in status bar.
    When tried to save again a prompt “Save Incomplete Document” appears and another warning “Pricing error: Mandatory condition PR00 is missing” is shown in status bar.
    Order is saved. ( Order number 13894).

    For the “Save incomplete document”, no problem
    What I’m trying to understand is the Pricing error.

    Actions I took:
    I went to Item Data, condition,analysis, clicked on PR00,Access detail 40(PR00).
    I notice the material DIMOKK-17, has no pricing details and I concluded that the pricing condition (VK11) hasn’t been created. I can solve the problem.

    My question is:
    Looking at this scenario, How do I find out :
    Which condition table is been used? Access sequence? Condition type? and pricing procedure.
    In another words, if I’m looking at any system for the first time how do I track back all this information?


    • siva says:

      Ronaldo, I created an order simulating the same set of conditions – 13907 ( For Customer 1400 , Sales Area 1000/10/00 and material DIMOKK-17 ). You can see from the pricing access sequence associated with PR00 ( which in this case is PR02 ) , somebody has un-set the Exclusive flag.
      Because of this reason, since 2 condition records are maintained in VK12, the system picked the first and is still showing the second one. Ideally this should ONLY happen for variant conditions – or discounts ,however, someone inadvertently changed the PR02 access sequence.


  5. Ronaldo says:

    The question I’m placing, I don’t need you to solve the problem. I just need you to tell me how to locate those information, such as condition technique on SO 13894.

    Thank you much.


  6. Mahesh says:


    Here is the job requirement I mentioned earlier. After the training ( and a lot of practice ) do you think we will be a good fit for a position like this. There are lot of Transferable skills, my question is more specific to SAP part.

    PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: This position is primarily responsible for working closely with the Sales & Marketing function to develop and implement business solutions to positively impact operational activities.


    • Define and deliver business requirements and work with internal information services team to deliver technologically sound solutions.
    • Define, design, develop and implement business solutions via SAP configuration, new development and/or modification to current business processes.
    • Promote change through strong communication, team building.

    EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Candidates must have 3 to 5 years experience with ERP systems, in order-to-cash and/or other sales processes.


    • siva says:

      Hi Mahesh
      I am not sure what you mean by transferable skill, but you will definitely be ready for positions like this within 2 months ( 1 Month of Training and 1 month of intense practice ) pretty comfortably.


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