SAP Customer Master Data – SAP SD Training Exercise for Jan 2011 Batch

This exercise is on SAP Customer Master Data. Here is a brief Summary of Monday’s Session again.

SAP SD Customer Master Class Summary :

Customer Master Contains 3 views ( Data )

  1. General View ( Data )
  2. Sales View ( Data )
  3. Finance View / Company Code View ( Data )

There are 3 transaction codes to create/change/display Customer Master the purpose of each has already been discussed in the session.

  1. VD01/02/03
  2. FD01/02/03
  3. XD01/02/03

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The menu path for the corresponding Transaction codes above are

  1. [ Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Business Partner -> Customer -> Create -> VD01 ]
  2. [ Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivable -> Master Records  -> FD01 ]
  3. [ Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Business Partner -> Customer -> Create -> XD01 ]

We have discussed that the Finance Department uses the FD01/02/03 Transactions and the Sales Department uses VD01/02/03 Transaction Codes. We have also gone through how to extend the customer master views via the transaction codes.

We have discussed the most important fields that you need to know as an SAP SD Consultant in the Customer Master.

  1. General Data
    1. Name & Address
    2. Search Term
  2. Sales Data
    1. Sales Tab
      1. Sales Office
      2. Sales Group
      3. Customer Group
    2. Shipping Tab
      1. Shipping Conditions
      2. Delivering Plant
      3. Order Combination
      4. Partial Delivery Allowed
    3. Billing Tab
      1. Invoice Dates
      2. Inco Terms
      3. Payment Terms
      4. Account Assignment Group
      5. Tax Classification
    4. Partners Tab
  3. Company Code Data


Scenario 1 : A Sales executive ( Julie ) at Company ABC Inc wants to create a new domestic, commercial customer based in SAP on a new order she got from him for a Pump. The name of the Customer is “Ehsaan Shah” and he needs to be created within the US Sales Organization ( 3000 ) . We are performing a direct sale to him. Ehsaan resides at 1000 Denise Dr, Edison, NJ. The customer requested that if possible we can combine multiple orders together to save him money on shipments. The customer also said that he will pick-up any shipments from our warehouse to avoid paying for freight. The customer prefers that we ship all the goods related to a single order in a single package if possible because, he does not want to receive multiple shipments for a single order and confuse himself. Since the customer is going to do potentially do multiple orders in a single week, he has requested that we bill him as one invoice for the entire month as opposed to individual invoices. Since the customer is going to pick-up right from the plant, choose the right inco-terms. The customer chooses to pay like this  – Pay the net due within 60 days. However, if he wishes to pay early, the company ABC Inc wishes to give him the following discounts – 3% Cash discount if paid within 14 days and 1% cash discount if paid within 30 days. The company’s internal sales employee Dominik Adam got us this customer and all commissions related to the sales for this customer goes to Domnik.

Question  1 : Based on the Scenario 1 discussed above, please create a customer master and give the Customer Number and the other details the customer has been created with ( Like, Inco terms, Payment Terms, Distribution Channel , Division, Customer Group, Account Assignment Group, Shipping Conditions, tax classification and the different partner functions used.

Scenario 2 : The Sales Executive has successfully created the Customer. Now the Finance Department ( Amy ) needs to be intimated that a customer has been created and needs to be extended with the Financial Data as well. Julie sends an email to Amy specifying the customer number created. Amy looks at the Customer Number and sees which Sales Area the customer has been created in and chooses the right company code and extends the customer to the company code. Amy uses the Company Code’s A/R account as a Reconciliation Account. However, after consulting the Finance Controller decides not to offer the payment terms as created by Julie. Instead, the company chooses to offer the customer a payment terms as net due in 50 days with a 2% cash discount if paid in 10 days and 1% if paid in 30 days.

Question 2 : Based on the scenario above, please extend the customer master and give the customer number’s Company code, payment terms and Recon. Account.

Scenario 3 : An order has come in from Ehsaan Shah and Julie is creating the order for material M-01 for a quantity of 10.

Question 3 : When creating the Customer, does the order use the payment terms from the Sales View or the Company code view of the customer master ?

Question 4 : Does the Inco terms of the SAP Customer Master ( as Created in Scenario 1 ) match with the inco terms in the Sales Order ?

Question 5 : Can you change the Inco Terms in the SAP Sales Order ? What does this illustrate ?

Question 6 : Specify the SAP Customer Group that the Order contains ?

Question 7 : How do you know from the order that this order’s revenue belongs to a domestic customer ?

Question 8 : Where does the bulk of the data from the Customer Master go – SAP Sales Order Header or SAP Sales Order Line Item ?

Question 9 : Is Dominik Adam available in the SAP Sales Order ? If yes, which tab in the Sales Order is he in ?

Question 10 : Find out all the Sales Areas that the Customer Master 1000 exists in ? ( Here is how to find out all the sales areas that the SAP customer master is associated with )

147 thoughts on “SAP Customer Master Data – SAP SD Training Exercise for Jan 2011 Batch

  1. Satya says:

    Question 1:

    Customer # 100244
    Inco Terms: CPT (frieght free)
    Payment Terms: 004
    Sales Org.: 1000
    Distribution Channel: 10
    Division: 00
    Shipping Conditions: 02(Standard)
    Tax Classification: Tax Exempt
    Partner Functions: SP, BP, PY, SH, Z7, Z8
    Search Term: Shah
    Delivery Priority: 6(Ground)

    Question 2:
    Company Code: 3000
    Payment Terms: 5000
    Reconciliation A/C: 140000

    Question 3:
    Sales View

    Question 4: ?
    Question 5: ?


  2. David says:

    Q1. Customer 0000000053
    Q2. Customer 0000000053
    Q3. Sales view
    Q4. Yes
    Q5. Yes, can be overwritten in sales order
    Q6. 01
    Q7. Accounting tab in header
    Q8. Sales Order Header
    Q9. yes, partner tab
    0001 01 01
    0005 01 00
    0005 10 00
    0005 12 00
    0005 14 00
    0005 16 00
    0006 01 00
    0006 10 00
    0006 12 00
    0006 14 00
    0007 01 00


  3. Nash says:

    Scenario 1:Answer 1:

    Customer number: 105
    Inco terms – EXW (From Plant)
    Payment Terms – 0002
    Distribution Channel – 10
    Division – 00
    Customer Group – YI (Individual customer)
    Account Assignment Group – 01 (Domestic revenues)
    Shipping Conditions – 09 (Pick up)
    Tax classification – 1
    Different partner functions used – SP


  4. Srini says:


    I created customer # 100266 in sales area 1000/10/00 but could not and add Sales agent Domink Adm as partner.The list of values show only 4 partnet functions. ie. SP/BP/PY and SH and I can not see SE. While creating the customet I selected type as sold to party.



  5. R PATEL says:

    Ans 1 :Cust # 107
    Ans 2 : Customer number’s Company code =?,
    Payment terms =0005 Recon. Account = ?. I couldn’t answer this question
    Ans 3: Yes
    Ans 4 : Yes
    Ans 5 : Yes , Incoterm can be changed from SO
    Ans 6 : ?
    Ans 7 : 0001 Domestic Revenue , Account TAB
    Ans 8 : Header
    Ans 9 : I was not able to create Sales Rep, But ideally we can find this in Partner Function Tab


  6. CHIRAG says:

    customer’…108′ created
    customer group 10
    price group 03
    dilivery priority: low
    shipping condition: 09
    dilivering plant:1000
    dilivery date: factory calender us
    Invoicing list date: monthly
    Incoterm: from plant
    terms of payment 002
    account assignment group: 01
    Tax condition :01


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