SAP SD Training batch Jan 2011 – Order to Cash cycle

Recorded Videos of the Order To Cash Cycle Class Below.( View in Full Screen for High Definition )

Scenario – 1 : Assume your are a sales employee at Magna Training, handling customer requests for SAP Training. Some customer is looking for SAP SD Training. He  want to first find out some good vendors out there in the market. He has sent out an RFI to Magna Training for SAP SD Training. Assume, Magna Training uses SAP to handle their customers.  ( Use Customer 1400 and assume material M-01 is SAP SD Training ). Please list out the SAP Document #s as part of the answers

Question 1 :  You have got an RFI for SAP SD Training.  Create an Inquiry in the system for SAP SD Training

Question 2 : The customer has responded to the RFI and requested a formal quotation for the same. Create a quotation. ( For help, visit How to create a a quotation in SAP )

Question 3 : The customer liked Magna Training’s quote and wants to place an order for SAP SD Training. How to create a sales order in SAP ? Give the Order Number for the same that you have created.

Question 4 : Delivery the order you just created in Question : 3

Question 5 : Bill the order you just created

Question 6 : Another customer wants to take 6 SAP trainings from Magna Training. However, he wants to lock in a price of $600 for 9 months. Create a contract for the same with a validity period of 1 month

Question 7 : Create a release order for the contract you created in question 6

Question 8 : Another customer wants to take 6 SAP Trainings from Magna Training – The first one in Jan , the second in Feb , the third in March etc. Create a scheduling agreement for the same

Question 9 : Delivery the schedule agreement you created in question 8

97 thoughts on “SAP SD Training batch Jan 2011 – Order to Cash cycle

  1. Mahesh says:

    Inquiry – 10000065
    Quotation – 20000098
    Order 13928
    Delivery 80016450

    When I click on Post Goods I get this error “Delivery has not yet been put away / picked (completely)”

    How Do I feix this?


    • siva says:

      I guess we have discussed this in the class already. We cannot do a PGI unless the goods have been picked. In order to do picking for this scenario, since WM TO is required ( based on the field shown in pic below )
      you would have to do a TO by clicking on Subsequent functions -> Transfer Order. Let’s discuss the steps in detail if required in tonight’s class.


    • siva says:

      Whether WM is enabled at the plant level is based on the enterprise structure assignment of Plant to Warehouse. Go to [ spro->IMG-> Enterprise Structure->Assignment->Assign Warehouse Number to Plant/Storage Location]. So, for a particular Plant/Storage Location combination, if the WH is not assigned, then WM is disabled – If not it is enabled.

      If WM is enabled, you cannot do manual picking. You would have to do WM Transfer Order.


  2. Jayalaxmi says:

    Hi Siva

    The following objects are created:
    Inquiry 0010000075, Quotation 0020000120, Standard Order 0000014043, Delivery 0080016510, Invoice (F2) 0090038558

    Could you please help on how to go ahead with Questions 6,7,8,9?
    Any notes on Contract and Scheduling agreement would help.



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