How to set the CRM UI Profile for users in SAP CRM ?

For new comers to SAP CRM Training, it seems a little difficult initially , especially with SAP CRM 2007 ( 6.0 ) and over ( with the advent of role-based functionality ) to identify what the user id can do. There is a parameter called CRM_UI_PROFILE that can be used to set in the user profile as a parameter. Let’s look at the example below.

The user id “siva” has been set with the SAP profile parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE of * ( Star ) as shown below.

Now, as soon as you login with the corresponding user id

you will be given the list of all the roles that you can choose to login. Click on any of the roles above to choose the corresponding role and you will be taken to the main screen. The type of functions will available in the main screen depends on the role that you choose here. Normally, the wild-card character * will be used only for functional consultants.

For end-users or super users, the exact business role will be given in the parameter.( Like MARKETINGPRO , SALESPRO , SERVICEPRO etc ). For more details, visit SAP Training

3 thoughts on “How to set the CRM UI Profile for users in SAP CRM ?

  1. sravani says:


    I have User ID with limited business roles. How can i get the access for all business roles i.e you explained about the parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE. In which Transaction code, I can see the parameter ? Or explain the process how to get the access for other roles also


    • siva says:

      SU3 is the tcode to set CRM_UI_PROFILE. You can set it to * in which case you get all the roles. You can set it to specific roles like SALESPRO , SERVICEPRO etc


  2. Samrat Ghosh says:

    Inspite of maintaining SAP profile parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE as * user is unable to see all business role. Please suggest on this


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