Most Commonly used Transaction Codes in SAP SD

List of Transaction codes in SD

SAP SD Sales
Sales Order [VA01] – Create Sales order
[VA02] – Change Sales order
[VA03] – Display Sales Order
Quotation VA21 – Create Quotation
VA22 – Change Quotation
VA23 – Display Quotation
Inquiry VA11 – Create Inquiry
VA12 – Change Inquiry
VA13 – Display Inquiry
Scheduling Agreement VA31 – Create Scheduling AgreementVA32 – Change Scheduling AgreementVA33 – Display Scheduling Agreement
Contracts VA41 – Create ContractVA42 – Change ContractVA43 – Display Contract
Back Order Processing V_RA – Back Order Processing
Rescheduling V_V2 – Rescheduling
List of Sales orders VA05
List of Incomplete Orders V.02
V.26 Sales Document By Order Status
V.15 Display Back orders
VA35 Display List of Scheduling Agreements
V.05 List of Incomplete Scheduling Agreements
VA45 List of Contracts
VKM3 Release Credit Hold Orders
SAP SD Delivery
SAP Training
VL01N Create Delivery with reference to Sales Order
VL02N Change Delivery
VL03N Display Delivery
VL04 Batch create deliveries
VL09 Reverse Goods Movements
LT03 Create Transfer order for Delivery
LT01 Create Transfer Order ( General )
SAP SD Billing  
VF01 Create Individual Billing Document
VF02 Change Billing Document
VF03 Display Billing Document
VF04 Billing Due List
Configuration Transaction Codes  
VOK0 Pricing Configuration
VOK2 Output Configuration
VOV8 Sales Document Type Configuration
VOV7 Sales Item Category Configuration
VOV6 Schedule Line Category Configuration
VOV5 Schedule Line Category Configuration
VOV4 Item Category Determination
VTLA Sales to Delivery Copy Controls
VTFL Delivery to Billing Copy Controls
VTAA Sales to Sales Copy Controls
VOFM VOFM Routines
VOPAN SAP Partner Determination
VOTXN SAP Text Determination
VK11 / VK12 / VK13 SAP Pricing Condition Records
VKM3 SAP Credit Blocked Documents
VOFA SAP Billing Document Types
FD32 SAP Customer Credit Master
VTAF Billing to Sales copy Controls
VTAF Billing to Sales copy Controls
VTAF Billing to Sales copy Controls

For  a full list of transaction codes visit SAP SD Transaction Codes or for  Online SAP Access or for Online SAP Training please visit our home page.

2 thoughts on “Most Commonly used Transaction Codes in SAP SD

  1. Ali.Surti says:

    There is a small corrections that needs to be done here.

    VOV4 is line item category assignment(not configuration) to document types
    VOV5 is schedule line assignment(not cofiguration) to item category types.


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