SAP Training – 10 Things to Remember

This article explains how to extract the best out of your SAP Training and all the key measures that need to be taken.

  1. Know your needs – First and foremost, understand why you are taking the training. List out the top 5 reasons why you want this training and if you did list out, get it evaluated with a mentor if you have one or post in forums to get feedback. This ensures that you are not taking SAP Training for the wrong reasons. In complicated, corporate terminology this is called TNA or Training Needs Analysis. You should do something similar to this – just on a much smaller scale. Know more about why you need to training in SAP here.
  2. Know your Tutor – Once you have analyzed and fully understood that you need SAP Training, the next thing that you need to get to know is who does a good job at training you. If you are already a seasoned SAP Pro and interested in learning another module in SAP, this is no big deal. However, analyzing the training institute and the tutor is obviously difficult if you are a new comer to SAP. Learn more about finding out the best SAP training institute / tutor here. Each tutor has their own versions of the course content. Ask them for the exact table of contents. They should be able to give you the table of contents – Like these – SAP FICO Training Course Content . Go through them and compare with what the other institutes are offering. Ensure that the course is covering what you require. It might be difficult to contest later.
  3. Know the offer – Once you shop around, you will easily have understood what is being offered. Are they giving you access to their SAP Server ? How long is the access going to be ? What is the uptime of their servers ? How many hours is the training ? Do they do any mock interviews ? Pick what is most important from the bouquet and take a decision based on that. Once again, if you are new to SAP you will first need to understand what is being offered and what they are worth. Know more about typical offerings of an SAP Training Institute here.
  4. Classroom vs Online – In the 90’s and early 2000’s class room training was the only choice for anybody interested in SAP Training. These days it has changed. No longer is it necessary to attend a classroom training somewhere in New York or New Jersey flying all the way down from Kanas city. Online classrooms are much better. Learn more about Classroom Training vs Online Training here.
  5. FREE Demo Class – Ask for a FREE demo training class if provided. This is one of the key factors in determining how good your tutor is and if he suits your requirements or not. Typically, most training providers ( both classroom and online ) in SAP offer demo classes to give you the confidence and for you to make the decision. Make use of that. If they don’t demand one. Some training institutes also provide recorded demo classes – all the better. Go through it. Some sample SAP Training Demo sessions can be here.

Red the remaining article on SAP Training – 10 things to Remember here.

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