SAP Jobs – 5 Reasons why you should get one.

In this article we highlight the top 10 reasons why you should try to get into an SAP Job. This applies equally well with IT-Professionals and non IT-Professionals as well.

  1. Good Pay – On an average the pay for an SAP Consultant is great. For example, according to a popular  job search website the average pay for an SAP Consultant in the UK is between 55K and 60K. You can compare it with other professions yourself and find out more. There is still a shortage of skills  in SAP especially with SAP pushing aggressively in the SMB space. Here is what has to say – ” SAP Skills Shortage Costs SAP’s Customers, Partners and, Ultimately, SAP AG”. So, you can very well understand the demand for qualified SAP Consultants. If you do contracting, the rates are almost thrice as high if you get the right project.
  2. Challenging Work – The work of an SAP Consultant is pretty challenging and at the same time rewarding. The reason why I say challenging is because SAP is at the heart of the enterprise. So, you are essentially working at the fundamental business requirements of the enterprise. And you very well understand the way businesses work including Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Finance which are common across any company. SAP Job is rewarding as well not just in terms of money but in terms of growth in the IT department of the company.

Read the rest of the article on SAP Jobs and SAP Training here.

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