What is SAP ?

What is SAP – SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. In the ’70s, 5 folks from IBM started to develop software for standard enterprise requirements. This here is the key – Standard Enterprise requirements. Every enterprise has many standard processes/procedures. An in fact when SAP started out, they tried to automate Finance, which is the typically standard across any company. For example, any A/R department in finance has collection, invoices, consolidation etc as their primary functions. And since these were pretty standard across any company, it made sense to automate it. SAP® AG first wrote such finance software for an oil company in Germany and it was on a mainframe. It was called R/2 – R stands for realtime. The emphasis on ‘R’ was because, most automated processes were not real-time, instantaneous transactions. It was all batch programming based.

Who uses SAP – SAP is the most popular ERP software in the market today. It is used by most of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 50 % of the Fortune 500 companies. Recently, SAP is pushing very aggressively against its main competitors – Oracle Apps and JD Edwards ( Now part of SAP ) in the SME space. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Bank of America are some of the well known companies that use SAP. SAP also has a very rich set of interfaces with its parters that offers seamless integration with most popular 3rd party products.

Why is SAP Required –  SAP ( or any such ERP ) is required to automate daily operations of any company. As discussed in the section ( What is SAP ), SAP is used to automate some of the daily operations like A/R, A/P, Sales, Asset Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Product Lifecycle Management etc.

Working in SAP – SAP provides significant opportunities in terms of jobs, businesses and more. There are a variety of jobs in SAP – Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Management Consultants, Project Managers in SAP and more.

Training in SAP – The best resource for SAP Training is SAP’s own education program. Other options include online and class-room based SAP Training Programs from other providers. Know more about what to look for in any SAP Training Provider here.

For a more in-depth article on SAP, click on What is SAP


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