How to choose online SAP Training Provider

Online Training has been the latest mantra in IT training and the same holds good for SAP Training as well. Apart from saving on money and time the best advantage I can think of is getting access to the right trainers even in the remotest parts of the world at affordable rates. However, not all training providers are created equal. You would have to choose them with care. Otherwise you end up with substandard trainers who do not have enough experience teaching professionally and eventually you may even loose interest in getting trained at all.

Here are a couple of tips ( DOs and DONTs ) on choosing your Online SAP Training Provider.

DO Speak with them : As easy as it sounds, this is the first thing you should do. Do not just pay them online without talking to them. Ask them questions on the
DO watch for Proper Response Times : Most reputed websites have a “Register” page. Just register with them and see how fast they are responding to your query. If they take their own sweet time to respond to you, then they are not operating professionally. Stay away from them.
DO ask for a DEMO : Don’t just pay money without asking for a DEMO. And join the course only if you like the person teaching you. If you like the demo trainer and would like to go ahead with the course, demand that you need the same tutor throughout the course.

DON’T force them to take training in unreasonable timings. Usually these are working professionals and weekends work out well for them. Because these are working professionals, you get good quality training from them. If you insist on training during the day, chances are you might not find any good ones. And a trainer that agrees to that kind of a timelines only knows too well that you are not too bothered about the quality of trainer.
DON’t be forced to pay the amount in lump sum. If possible try to pay in 2 installments. You feel better and you have a bargaining chip as well.
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For more hints please visit how to choose Online SAP Training Provider.

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