SAP SD transaction Codes and tables

SAP SD Transaction Codes


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SAP SD Training

VA21 – Quotation Creation

VA22 – Quaotation Change

VA23 – Quotation Display

VA01 – Sales Order Creation

VA02 – Sales Order Change

VA03 – Sales Order Display

Vl01N – Delivery Creation, Post goods issue

VL02n – Delivery Change, post goods issue

VL03N – Delivery Display

VL09 – Reversal of the postgoods issue

VL02N – Deletion of the delivery document

VF01 – Invoice creation

VF02 – Changes of the invoice

VF03 – Display of the invoice

VF04 – Invoice creation, batch or mass

VF11 – Invoice Cancellation

VD01 – Cusomer Creation (Sales Area level)

VD02 – Change of the customer master (Sales area level)

VD03 – Display Customer master

XD01 – Cusomer Creation (Company Code level)

XD02 – Change of the customer master (Company Code level)

XD03 – Display Customer master

VL10B – Creation of the delivery for the stock transfer order

ME21N – Stock transfer order creation

ME22N – Change of the stock transfer order

VA05 – Sales order report

VF05 – Invoice report

VOK0 – Pricing Configuration

CO09 – Simulation of the availabilty check

LT01 – Transfer order creation

MB03 – Display fo the material document

FB03 – Display of the accounting document

SAP SD Tables

KNA1 – Customer Master

ADRC – Address of the customers / Partners

VBAK – Sales order header

VBAP – Sales order Line item

VBEP – Schedule Line

LIKP – Delivery Header

LIPS – Delivery Line item

VBRK – Invoice header

VBRP- Invoice Line item level

VBFA – Document Flow

VBUP – Status of the sales document (Header/Line item)

VBKD – Sales order business data

VBPA – Partner information (Header / Line item). Header information is stored with line item number as 000000.

A*** – Condition tables (where as *** is codnition table number).

MARA – Material Master

KONV – Conditions transaction Data

MVKE – Sales data for material master.


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